WallPaper-Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)&Vocaloid(ボーカロイド、ボカロ)

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)&Vocaloid(ボーカロイド、ボカロ)

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is the first Japanese Vocaloid2 in the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series, the third Japanese Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media, and is the seventh Vocaloid to have appeared overall; released on August 31, 2007. She is considered as the most popular and well known Vocaloid and the first to become a pop idol. The data for the voice was created by sampling the voice of Saki Fujita (藤田 咲, Fujita Saki), a Japanese voice actress.

Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid Wiki - Voice synthesizer
WallPaper-Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)&Vocaloid(ボーカロイド)

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